Research Summary: Acupuncture + IVF for Pregnancy

The following excerpt is from a paper which evaluated whether or not acupuncture improved pregnancy and live birth rates when combined with IVF:
The authors reviewed 7 clinical trials, which included 1,366 women undergoing one IVF cycle who received acupuncture within one day of embryo transfer versus women who received no acupuncture with their IVF.

In these studies, acupuncture combined with IVF Increased pregnancy by 65%, increased the likelihood of ongoing pregnancy by 87% and increased the likelihood of a live birth by 91%.

This evidence suggests that acupuncture alongside IVF may improve pregnancy and live birth rates.
To read the full paper, click here:
Having said this, everyone is unique. So, please consult with your physician to make sure acupuncture is the right match for you.

contributed by Caylie See, L.Ac., FABORM