Fall Foods to Grow Your Own Little Pumpkin

Fall is a great time to nourish yourself and help some traditional holiday foods keep working towards boosting your fertility.

In Chinese medicine there are associations with each organ system. For instance the Chinese Spleen system, which governs important aspects of the reproductive system is also analagous  to ATP from the mitochondria, or energy.  Additionally, the Spleen system is associated with the color yellow. So, yellow foods can help to nourish aspects of  our reproductive system and overall energy.  As ever, we at Integrative Fertility like to look at the East-West overlay for these mechanisms. Here are some "yellow" foods and their fertility-boosting properties:

  • Wild Yam contains diosgenin, which is essentially a progesterone molecule which can be used in the treatment of PMS, fibroids, ovarian cysts and to help both ovulation and maintenance of an early pregnancy.
  • Pumpkin has shown to improve carbohydrate metabolism, stabilize blood sugar and subsequently boost energy and endurance.
  • Pumpkin Seeds & Pumpkin Seed Oil are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation and stimulate blood flow to reproductive tissue. They're also high in zinc which can increase testosterone and sperm count and both contain high contents of carotenoids and liposoluble vitamins, which can have a positive effect on the prostate.       


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