Cultivating Relationships Between Fall and Fertility

Many cultures have traditionally turned to the legacy of their ancestors for advice.  When it comes to fertility, we of course draw on our familial histories to inform us about aspects of our health, but it may also be useful to draw on other aspects of what we inherit, such as what we've learned about how to interface with our emotional challenges. We can use this information to help guide current relationships to the fertility process. Sometimes this can look like continuing to cultivate one's family's legacy, and sometimes this can look like examining ways to do things differently.

In this Fall season, we can also look at the symbolic fertility associations of the Harvest time.  In an agricultural sense, the fertility of the land was crucial for the continuance of family lineages and believing that ancestors were deeply rooted in a family's ability to reproduce, people have traditionally constructed ancestor altars at each harvest.

 Our contemporary celebration of this relationship between family and fertility is November 1st, or

"Day of  the Dead", where bread is sometimes baked to look like a baby to further symbolize this potent fertility time. Whether you want to light candles, cook special food or simply reflect on your own lineage, this can be an opportune time for honoring who and what has come before you, how they've influenced you and inviting those influences in, or letting them go to make more room for your own way. 

To support you in enhancing your relationship to reflecting on and cultivating your own wellness, this guided imagery was developed by Dr. Rossman who is an MD and an acupuncturist and is established as a figurehead in the field of guided imagery:

 Creating Wellness


Day of the Dead in the USA: The Migration and Transformation of a Cultural Phenomenon (eBook)