Acupuncture Can Improve Sperm

This month we're shifting the emphasis to the men. So, feel free to forward these emails to your partners for some helpful tips on optimizing male fertility.

Much of fertility assessment and treatment emphasizes the woman's role in optimizing fertility and of course whether the primary issues are with the male or female partner, the woman will be actively involved in treatment. However, 40% of all fertility issues can be do to male-factor. The first step is to get your guy checked out by a reproductive endocrinologist or urologist. If there's any findings with sperm parameters, acupuncture can be a viable option for picking from the best of the best - even if you're doing ICSI.


Acupuncture has been shown to reduce inflammation, increases sperm motility, improve semen parameters, modulate the immune system to work on conditions such as antisperm antibodies (AsAb), and improves sexual and ejaculatory dysfunction in male infertility. Acupuncture of course also works on overall health as that is part of sexual and reproductive vitality!

Men produce about 1,000 sperm per heartbeat. So, there's ample opportunity to keep influencing sperm health!

In the upcoming weeks we'll be sending along some food, lifestyle and supplement suggestions to help men continue to boost their heath and fertility and debunk some of the myths about what does and doesn't affect sperm health.


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