How to Rest When You're Restless

Insomnia can be a common issue while going through fertility pursuits. Your body may be adjusting to processing medications, and there can be a lot on your mind that may keep you up at night worrying or mulling over decisions and thinking about your dreams rather than actually dreaming!

Sleep is critical for optimizing your wellness and stamina during this time. Here are some tips for a better night's sleep:

  • If you've been pushing yourself all day, it's hard for your body to suddenly switch gears. So, give yourself a wind-down time by reading, taking a bath or listening to a guided mindfulness exercise before you go to bed. 
  • Regular exercise helps the body's calcium utilization and produces endorphins, both of which help with relaxation. See if you can aim for three 20-minute aerobic exercises a week.

*You can also boost up on calcium-rich foods throughout your day including almonds, dark leafy greens, yogurt with probiotics and molasses (you can add molasses into foods such as oatmeal or tomato sauce), and reduce caffeine and soda as they can interfere with calcium absorption.

  • Apply pressure to a calming acupuncture point for 3 minutes on each side to relax your nervous system and help you unwind. Find the point with the knuckle of your index finger placed at the base of the wrist, and where the tip of your index finger lands (not including any nail) between the 2 tendons on your wrist (as shown in the diagram) is the point:


  Sweet Dreams!