Pick a Wild Salad in Tennessee Valley

Spring is a great time to connect with your own potential.

The video below encourages you to enjoy the flora and fauna of Spring in the serene and vibrant natural landscape of Tennessee Valley. This video can direct you in a self-guided walk along the path to the ocean, while you utilize your outing as an opportunity to connect with the vibrancy of Spring.

The principles of Chinese medicine state that nature effects our own physiology. Spring is the time of the Chinese Liver system, which is associated with important aspects of conception. Walking helps the Liver get into balance while getting blood flow distributed throughout your body. You'll also learn how to forage for a wild salad and recognize other edibles along the path!

*Just remember never eat anything you're not 100% sure about properly identifying

Tennessee Valley is about a ten-minute drive from the Golden Gate Bridge: 
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  • Head north on US-101 N for almost 5 miles
  • Exit onto CA-1 toward Stinson Beach/Mill Valley (this is the first Mill Valley exit)
  • After .8 miles, take a left onto Tennessee Valley Rd (the Dipsea Restaurant will be just ahead on your right)
  • Follow the road all the way to the very end, about 2 miles or so. The road ends in a parking lot.